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IQ-Grid™, innovating your intralogistical solution


“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.” – Peter F. Drucker (Harvard university professor and consultant)
As mister Drucker recognizes, innovation is one of the most important aspects in doing business. It’s innovation that creates new market opportunities and in term it’s again innovation that creates competitive advantage. As recognized by VanRiet, the playing field has been innovating allot the last years. But how about your own processes? Is your logistical system innovative enough to be up to the job?


Over the last years research and innovations have mainly focused on high capacity sorting systems. Cross belt, tilt tray and sliding shoe sorter enabled systems have grown mature. These systems have become capable of reaching stunning throughputs and embody development in modern automated sorting. Nevertheless, due to their high investment requirements and big size, these solutions are only applicable for only a fraction of the market. Wheel and pusher sorters have been on the market for almost 40 years now and still look almost exactly like their ancestors. Which is a shame since more and more growing companies are in need of modern but investment friendly intralogistics. Secondly this lack of innovation is at least remarkable since these sorting solutions represent the large majority of the market. VanRiet has recognized this lack of innovation, and with the future in mind, has come up with a solution.

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The IQ-Grid™ is designed especially to serve the lower segments of the pyramid by keeping in mind the current issues relevant in that market. This scalable solution is highly flexible and is capable of growing with your company. Its innovative design enables high throughputs, contains all modern and future aspects while investment wise still staying under the conventional wheel sorters.
But then, what is the innovative aspect that distinguishes the IQ-Grid™ from other solutions?


Here are a few:

  • Efficiency is key. IQ-Grid™ is capable of dynamic bi-directional sorting/merging. For example this means that when there is a reversing morning or evening parcel flow, the system simply changes direction with only   the push of one button. This enables trucks and vans to remain at their dedicated spot while still being able to sort to the right direction.
  • Downtime becomes uptime. When optimizing your competiveness there is no room for downtime of maintenance. VanRiet’s IQ-Grid™ only uses proven high quality parts. Still, if any of this parts requires maintenance there is no need for long downtimes. With its internal modular design it literally takes only a few minutes to exchange crucial parts. If a more close inspection or repair appears to be necessary the concerning module can be replaced and inspected off line with your IQ-Grid™ already back to work.
  • The future matters. The IQ-Grid™ is internal and external fully adjustable to your needs. With its lay-out friendly design, your sorting system can easily be expanded or changed. This allows future growth while investment remains minimized which makes the IQ-Grid™ the ideal solution for small companies with big ambitions.
  • High speed, high throughput. Due to its solid design and zone controlled steering the IQ-Grid™ is capable of reaching 20% more capacity than other current wheel sorters. This results in higher line capacities for the same investment.


At VanRiet we believe in creating innovative and reliable technologies. Our solutions are designed to work with you and for you. Combined with our over 65 years of experience we help you create and maintain your competitive advantage. If you are interested in how we can strengthen your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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