VanRiet introduces the IQ-Grid


13 May VanRiet introduces the IQ-Grid

VanRiet introduces the IQ-Grid™, the new generation of wheel sorting solutions.

The requirements of modern customers demand more and more from internal logistics. Everything has to be faster, more flexible and more efficient but cost less money. So you want the highest possible output for the lowest possible investment to still retain your flexibility too. VanRiet acknowledges these modern aspects and anticipates them. The new IQ-Grid™ is the answer to modern logistics problems and helps you remain ahead of your competitors.

The IQ-Grid™ is part of a new generation of wheel sorting solutions. Flexibility, efficiency, reliability and capacity have been the focus of the design process for VanRiet’s latest product. During the coming CeMAT fair, to be held this month from 19 to 23 May in Hannover (Germany), the IQ-Grid™ will be officially unveiled on the VanRiet stand.












Dynamically bi-directional
To maximise the efficiency of your logistics solution the IQ-Grid™ has been designed to be dynamically bi-directional. This means that you can change the transport direction of your logistics system, or parts of it, by pressing a button. Outfeed points become infeed points and vice versa which for your bottom line means a lower investment and less loss of space.
Modular design
The IQ-Grid™ has a modular design both internally and externally. This results in the IQ-Grid™ fully adjusting itself and the complete system to the customer’s requirements.
The IQ-Grid™ consists of readily replaceable IQ-Cassettes™. Depending on your product mix and product flow, IQ-Cassettes™ can be added or adjusted so that the system best suits your process and capacity requirement. Should maintenance be needed you can change the IQ-Cassette™ within a few minutes. You can then do the maintenance offline and your system just goes on running.
The external modular design is characterised by the freedom with which the system can be laid out. Due to the compact design, easy interconnectability and wide range of sorting/infeed angles the IQ-Grid™ can be used in virtually any situation.

High capacity
The IQ-Grid™ also leaves the competition behind in the area of capacity and speed. With a speed of over 2.5 m/s it is over 25% faster than the current sorting solutions on the market. Due to the above-mentioned modular design it is also possible to control the IQ-Cassettes™ individually, so less space is required between the products.

The basis of the IQ-Grid™ design rests on existing and proven technology. In this way, based on previous experience possible problems are avoided. The IQ-Grid™ is also designed with a fully CE compliant sealed deck. This ensures that blockages and jams are avoided, which has a positive effect on the safety and sorting reliability of your system.
A few technical features of the IQ-Grid:

Technical features
Speed 2.5 m/s
Maximum product weight 50 kg
Sorting/infeed angles Independent on both sides at 30°, 45° or 90°
Available widths 400/600/800/1000 mm
Areas of application Courier Express Parcel Market, E-Commerce, Warehouse & Distribution segment, Tire industry